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Many new cyclists have recently come to me asking what I like and don’t like about their new foldable electric bikes. After all these years riding a normal bicycle I can at least give some useful information to these newer generation of cyclists. For the most part I have a few answers to that question. In this article I will go over what I don’t like about folding bikes

If you buy a new foldable electric bicycle you should definitely check the price. Most are under $200 and for that price you get a very durable bike. A lot of the price goes into the battery, most with a two, three or four hour battery life. And then there s no need to pay for a long rack for storing (which makes parking much harder) and little storage space. The space you do have left for storage is normally covered by a fold down seat.

There are many cons to a foldable electric bikes as well. Most come with less power than a comparable traditional bicycle but some have a limited top speed. The higher priced models often have motors which are larger and heavier than the smaller more budget friendly models. Most have a slow throttle and are only able to reach a maximum speed of about 20 mph. As with all electric motor vehicles the rider is also required to add a battery in order to get a charge.

My personal choice for what I do not like about foldable electric bikes is that they are typically not covered by a warranty. This is unfortunate since the purchase price is low and the overall performance is high. And if something does happen it usually means purchasing another e-bike!

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But, what if I could find a product that provided a great all around ride while still providing good riding features? What if I could find a folding e-bike with decent top speed and an electric motor that allowed me to accelerate and slow down without the need for additional batteries? What if I could find an e-bike that offered the best combination of functionality, comfort, safety, value and cost? Such a product exists and it is called the folding magnetic motor cycle.

Magnetic-motor bicycles have been around for years and were actually developed in Japan nearly two decades ago. They use small electric motors to assist the rider by re-directing the cyclist’s motion. When the rider wants to go faster the motor kicks in and the bicycle becomes faster to go ahead. When the rider slows down the motor takes over and the bicycle continues to ride at the same speed. The technology behind these types of foldable electric bikes is not much different from other ordinary bicycles but what makes them stand out is that they are equipped with a battery pack which is made up of a permanent magnet.

The magnets inside the battery pack provide the rider with a smoother ride. This smoothness is created by the fact that the frame does not touch the magnets. Therefore, the frame is free to travel wherever the motor or rider wants it to go. When the folded bike is ridden the magnets will keep the frame stable, thus allowing the rider to accelerate without touching the motor. Once the motor is turned off the frame is then released and the rider can go forward and stop.

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This technology is perfect for people who like a free ride. People who like to ride on trails often do not like to put their electric motor on full because they feel that they may cause the bike to lose its stability or reduce its speed. However, with the help of a folding bike rider can experience the benefits of having their electric motor on full without the risk of damaging their bike. Folding bikes have become very popular in many areas because they provide a great way for riders to experience an exhilarating ride.

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